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  • Questions and Help
    "Someone's already tried this btw."
  • ~Life~
    "Is that quiz for one of us"
  • ~Life~
    "Looks like my bar has been like this for 3 years now even with many new quizzes and 3 years of time"
  • ~Life~
    "The Amazon's a rainforest anyway"
  • I am
    "I'm Leif too and when will I get to goddamn elite"
  • I love my baby
  • ":D"
  • michael
    "I haven't done anything brothha"
  • michael
  • michael
    "Why are you being mean to my friend can you leave them alone"
  • For newbies
    "Those quizzes are just how many it took to get from advanced to green expert so good luck with that lolol"
  • For newbies
    "My bar has been stuck like this for a year so it looks like there is an elite glitch."
  • "Same here"
  • GTQ guy?
    "I'll be the first but my level bar has been still for months, it might be a glitch"
  • "2015 isn't cool either. You're all fetuses!"

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