How good of a SMW hacker are you?

It's widely spread in SMW related quizzes, that your number of submissions defines how good you are as a hacker. However, this is wrong. It does not matter how many blocks you submitted to the site, you may just keep your blocks for yourself or are just getting started on ASM and didn't have the time to submit over two hundred blocks, despite having the skill! With this quiz, I am trying to fix this problem.

Do YOU have what it takes to be rated as 'Acceptable' or even 'Good'? Or are you 'Bad'? Test your skills with this handy quiz and please don't look up things in the process of taking it, be fair and you can truly enjoy or hate your result!

Created by: amazon

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  1. Do you know how to apply asm patches to your ROM?
  2. Did you read through the FAQ on SMW Central?
  3. Are you willing to read up on problems you may encounter in SMW hacking?
  4. What button do you need to press to save your newly created MAP16 data?
  5. Have you ever created a tutorial and submitted it to SMW Central or did you help somebody else out with a problem?
  6. Do you think a flashy ASM gimmick makes levels better?
  7. What is the format that music that is to be inserted into your hack needs to be?
  8. What will be stored in A after you run this code: !number = $0A : LDA #!number : STA $01 : INC $01 : LDX $01 : INX : TXA
  9. What defines good level design?
  10. Which emulator should you use to test your hack?

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Quiz topic: How good of a SMW hacker am I?