What is Your Excel Skill Level?

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A lot of people use Excel but a lot of them are also not aware of the myriad of possibilities in Excel with its tools and functions. Good knowledge in Excel can give you the advantage over your work.

What is your Skill Level in Excel? Do you think you are a BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, or a POWER USER? How do you fare against tools and functions in Excel?

Created by: insightsmanila
  1. What symbol is used to lock cells so that it will not change the reference relative to its position when copied?
  2. Which of the ff is not an Excel function?
  3. In the formula =IF( A1 < 90,"Scheme A","Scheme B"), what will be the result if A1 is 96?
  4. If the user is doing VLOOKUP and the values to be searched are in column A and the value to appear is in column H, what will be the value of X in "=VLOOKUP(L1,A:J,x,0)"?
  5. What tool are you going to use if you need a column that has "LastName, FirstName" separated to two columns?
  6. In the formula =INDEX(B2:E5,MATCH(D1,A2:A5,0),3), what does D1 provide?
  7. How do you produce the { } in an array formula?
  8. What option in Format Cells should you check if you want the formula in a cell to be invisible?
  9. Which function allows the user to find the lowest value in a range of numbers?
  10. Which error means that you need to adjust the width of the cell because of the long contents?
  11. Which feature allows the user to create drop down of accepted entries in a cells?
  12. Which feature allows the user to create drop down of accepted entries in a cells?
  13. What do you call the screen that shows up when FILE is clicked in Office 2007 onwards?
  14. Which is the odd man out?
  15. Which of the following is not a property of a table?
  16. What is that tool in Excel 2013 that predicts the possible values of the cells in a column based on the first few entries of the column?
  17. Which function converts the texts inside a cell into upper case letters?
  18. What do you click to update the values in a pivot table in case the source data is changed?
  19. What is the shortcut key to create a chart?
  20. What does =2E+2 give?
  21. What is that feature in Excel 2010 onwards that create small graphs inside cells based on a row of values?

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