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First, tell us which kind of quiz you are creating. There are three kinds:

Option 1: The Test
Each question of your quiz has exactly one correct answer. The result of the quiz will be a score from 0 to 100% based on how many correct answers were given. Quiz-takers will get the option to view the correct answers at the end.
best for: trivia quizzes, factual quizzes
examples: How Well Do You Know X-Men?, How Much Do You Know About Biology?
Option 2: The Classic Quiz
Questions may have more than one right answer, or partial-credit answers. You can fine-tune the scoring based on each answer. The result of the quiz will be a score from 0 to 100% based on how you set up the scoring. No correct answers are revealed at the end.
best for: fun or silly quizzes, quizzes with partial-credit answers
examples: How Geeky Are You?, Are You a True Floridian?
Option 3: The Multi-Result Quiz
Create a multiple-result quiz. You set up how each answer to each question determines which result a quiz-taker will get at the end.
best for: any quiz that has multiple results instead of a "final score"
examples: Which Pirates Character Are You?, What is your High School Stereotype?


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