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Big Five Personality Test (featured quiz)
  • 704
    What restaurant should you go to for lunch/dinner?
    rated: 2.41/5Promoted 38 minutes ago | taken 704 times | 4 comments

    You can figure out which restaurant will have the open sign for you with this quiz! Do you want fast food? Pizza? Well, in this quiz, you can figure …

  • 167
    What is your Warrior Cat name, Clan, and what you look like
    rated: 4.37/5Promoted 15 hours ago | taken 167 times

    This quiz is about which made up warrior cat you would be in one of 4 made up clans. There are 6 different cats you could get, and each has a …

  • 170
    What Is Your Spirit Animal?
    rated: 3.74/5Promoted 25 hours ago | taken 170 times | 1 comment

    What is your spirit animal? Which are you most like? Find out here! Make sure you answer honestly, so you get the most totally accurate result. So, …

  • 100
    What sister are you?
    rated: 3.67/5Promoted 39 hours ago | taken 100 times

    Okay. So you are about to take this quiz. In this quiz, you will learn what sister you are. If you want to know what sister you are, then proceed to …

  • 51
    Wings of Fire Forgotten: The Amethyst Winglet (part 2)
    rated: 4.5/5Promoted 2 days ago | taken 51 times

    Hi again! Part 2 of the Amethyst Winglet is here! I'm going to get more into the story here, so get ready for more action! Again, only female main …

  • 171
    Which lion guard character are you?
    rated: 3.67/5Promoted 3 days ago | taken 171 times

    Watch all-new episodes of The Lion Guard series every Friday at 9:30 a.m. | 8:30c on Disney Junior on Disney Channel! It follows some of our favorite …


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