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Big Five Personality Test (featured quiz)
  • 317
    Which V3 Boy Are You?
    rated: 4.75/5Promoted 2 hours ago | taken 317 times

    Have you ever wondered which character from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony you are? Well here's my test for male characters! Get this, there's the …

  • 924
    What Colour Are You?
    rated: 3.88/5Promoted 16 hours ago | taken 924 times | 3 comments

    Red, orange, yellow, light green, green, turquoise, blue, purple, lilac, pink, black, dark grey, white. Which of these colours are you? …

  • 44
    Which Titan Can You Transform Into? (possible spoilers)
    rated: 4.67/5Promoted 26 hours ago | taken 44 times

    This quiz may contain spoilers if you haven't read the manga.. or if you haven't watched season 2. If you wish to continue then you must have some …

  • 78
    Which Cars Main Character Are You?
    rated: 4.25/5Promoted 2 days ago | taken 78 times | 1 comment

    Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks, Strip Weathers, Doc Hudson, Tow Mater, and Sally Carrera: which are YOU? Haven't you ever wondered which car from the …

  • 801
    What ninjago boy would love you?
    rated: 4.47/5Promoted 2 days ago | taken 801 times | 1 comment

    Hello guys!!! This is my FIRST EVER QUIZ I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!! I did this like all in one time so my hands were kinda sore... But anyway let's get the …

  • 915
    Guess the Pixar/Dreamworks movie by the song
    rated: 4.02/5Promoted 3 days ago | taken 915 times | 3 comments

    Hi, welcome to my quiz where you will be asked lyrics to a song and must guess the movie those lyrics came from. You will have to choose from 4 …


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