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Many people love horses for riding, companionship, and competition. They are not your average pet, as they cost a lot to own and require significant living space. Still, many people dream of having a horse of their own. If you love horses, you will enjoy the quizzes in this category.

Our Horses Quizzes

  • What kind of Arabian horse are you?
    [by: Arabian2015, rated: rated: 3.59/5, published: Oct 22, 2015]

    Arabian horses are capable of performing a variety of disciplines. When a rider chooses which discipline is best, it greatly depends on the personality of the…

  • What Horse Breed Are You?
    [by: annafrozen12, rated: rated: 4.41/5, published: Dec 29, 2016]

    Get detailed results about the horse breed you most align with. Ten possible breeds!

  • What type of horse rider are YOU?
    [by: Gina, rated: rated: 4.38/5, published: Apr 12, 2010]

    Do you consider yourself a horse lover? Do you actually ride? Or own a horse? Or are you a reluctant spectator at horse shows, wishing YOU were the smiling…

  • WESTERN EQUESTRIAN - What level of western rider are you?
    [by: Heather, rated: rated: 4.12/5, published: Sep 26, 2017]

    From reining to ranch riding, barrel racing to trail riding, western is a much loved discipline. So how far along are you? Are you just a horse lover from…

  • What breed of horse are you?
    [by: Anonymous, rated: rated: 3.88/5, published: Nov 29, 2006]

    The horse. They've been around for thousand, billions, millions of years. Over the years, both men and women have taken on the challenge of being an…

  • What breed of horse should you buy?
    [by: clara, rated: rated: 3.62/5, published: Jan 8, 2011]

    there are many breeds of horses and ponies in the world. each is different in its own way. colours, sizes, and markings vary in every breed. no two horses in…

  • What popular horse breed are you quiz.(For equestrians only)
    [by: Clay, rated: rated: 4.3/5, published: Apr 14, 2020]

    Welcome to my quiz! If you’ve been wondering what popular horse breed you are, this is the right place to be! You will answer 21 questions, some about horses,…

  • What Breed Of Horse Are You?
    [by: annabelle, rated: rated: 3.81/5, published: Feb 21, 2011]

    There are many breeds of horses, each with their own traits and personalities. Horses are beautiful, powerful creatures. And who doesn't love them? Well if…

  • How well do u know horses?
    [by: Valiant, rated: rated: 3.38/5, published: Apr 11, 2011]

    Do you think you know a little bit about horses? What about riding and riders? If these things interest you then take this fun quiz! This quiz isn't really…

  • What breed of horse are you??
    [by: Dove of Love, rated: rated: 3.1/5, published: Jan 18, 2011]

    You could be any breed of horse.... if you were born a horse. It's sad for horse lovers to not know, so you should be glad that you're able to find out with…

  • What Type of Horse Owner Are You?
    [by: Julia, rated: rated: 2.87/5, published: Dec 2, 2014]

    What kind of home are/will you provide for your horse? Do you know about proper care?

  • Do You Know Your Horse Colors?
    [by: WildMiniHorse, rated: rated: 2.42/5, published: Jan 12, 2011]

    Do you know your horse colors? How hard can it be? You just need to know the single name for the skin color, the body color and the mane and tail color. It…

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