WESTERN EQUESTRIAN - What level of western rider are you?

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From reining to ranch riding, barrel racing to trail riding, western is a much loved discipline. So how far along are you? Are you just a horse lover from afar or are you in there sweating with your horse buddy?

Take this quiz to find out what level you are. Maybe you are just beginning, have been riding awhile or have a life with horses. See what your experience level rates.

Created by: Heather
  1. How long have you ridden?
  2. Can you control a horse at all four gaits?
  3. Do you tack up on your own?
  4. Can you perform lateral maneuvers?
  5. Do you struggle to keep your horse at a consistent speed?
  6. How often are you around horses?
  7. How much riding do you do?
  8. Can you diagnose and correct vices in your horse?
  9. Can you perform maneuvers such as rollbacks and sliding stops?
  10. Do flying lead changes intimidate you?
  11. Could you teach someone else to flex their horse?
  12. Can you identify which lead you are on without looking down?
  13. If your horse spooks, will you be able to stay on?
  14. Can you ride with split reins?
  15. Can you ride alone safely on the trails?

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Quiz topic: WESTERN EQUESTRIAN - What level of western rider am I?