What is your aesthetic?

There are a lot of aesthetic. more than what you really think. In this test, I will help you finding your own aesthetic! Click to discover it and enjoy

DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S YOUR AESTHETIC? Check this test if you want to figure it out. It can be a nice thing to discover something of yourself that you never knew before! Enjoy!

Created by: Allegra
  1. Favorite color?
  2. You have spare time today: what are you doing?
  3. Dunno what to wear: first thought is...
  4. WAKE UP! YA HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL! you think about something to eat before leaving home...
  5. Your best quality?
  6. and your worst vice?
  7. best flower you can receive from a guy?
  8. what’s your lucky charm? ( every reference to miraculous ladybug is purely random)
  9. What’s your favorite animal out of the following?
  10. Movie night: what are you watching?
  11. Favorite school subject?

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Quiz topic: What is my aesthetic?