Is Your Original Character a Mary Sue?

We've all ran into Mary Sues in our time. A Mary Sue (or a Marty Stu, as the case may be) is a character who represents a slice of the author themselves, but is completely and utterly predictable and perfect. Trust me: you do not want a Mary Sue.

So maybe you're serious about writing, or perhaps you're just having fun, but you may want to take this quiz and figure out if your main character's a Mary Sue. Even if you don't plan to showy our work to the world, this will at least give you some pointers on how to improve your writing skills, as results should be relatively accurate.

Created by: KilljoyRainbow
  1. Does your character have the same hair color as you?
  2. Is your character in the same general age group as you? (Teens, kids, middle-agers?)
  3. Does your character have the same eye color as you?
  4. Is your character's name unusual for their time, culture or setting?
  5. Is your character's name a variant of your name, screen name, nickname, or anything like that? (Shortened, altered, different spelling, etc.)
  6. How many characters have a crush on or are in love with your character?
  7. Is your character a member of royalty or the equivalent of royalty? (Such as a president, prime minister, clan leader, etc.)
  8. Do you wish you looked like your character?
  9. Is your character openly squabbled over because of their good looks?
  10. Is your character constantly being told how they're so attractive, smart, strong, talented, etc.?
  11. Does your character use a sword or similar type of weapon in a technological age?
  12. Is/was your character abused in any way by their parents/guardians?
  13. If your character is a girl, please choose the option that basically describes her. (Counts if your character is a female animal/other type of being)
  14. If your character is a boy or any equivalent of a male, please choose the option that best describes him.
  15. How many animals or animal-like creatures specifically accompany your character?
  16. Is your character one of the following...
  17. Does your character ever get out of a tight situation by discovering and using previously unknown special powers?
  18. If your character has aforementioned powers, are they more potent than those of any others in the story?
  19. Does your character look their age?
  20. Is your character, in fact, immortal?
  21. Is your character immune to any diseases or injuries that their race normally isn't?
  22. How does your story end?
  23. Which characters do you describe in poetic terms? (Cascading hair, musical laugh, piercing eyes, etc.)
  24. Does your character have many contradictions? (A waif with a huge sword, a vampire not affected by sunlight, etc)
  25. Do any of the characters who originally do not like your character end up humiliated or injured?
  26. Are your character's wrongdoings almost immediately forgiven by almost everyone?
  27. Does your character pick up skills unnaturally quickly?
  28. Please describe your character's physique.
  29. Does your character have an unusual birthmark, scar, or tattoo?
  30. Does your character carry a keepsake, piece of jewelry, stone, weapon, or other object of historical or supernatural significance?
  31. Is the villain obsessed with your character?
  32. When someone says they do not like your character, do you feel personally attacked?

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Quiz topic: Is my Original Character a Mary Sue?