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What is art? It is an abstract quality, subjectively appreciated but never objectively compared. Art can provoke; it can inspire. Art can stir feelings and spread ideas. Different art forms will have greater or lesser appeal depending on the viewer.

There are many art mediums. You can venture down into music, or animation, or literature. You will find a lot of depth in this category, owing to the number of fans every type of art and form of entertainment have inspired. See if you can find a quiz on a beloved book series or favorite movie.


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At GoToQuiz we are constantly looking for more quizzes to add to the ever-popular arts category. The topic is so broad as to include Renaissance painters and modern rockers, 19th Century poets and Japanese manga. If you would like to discuss movies, music, and so on, we have forums on those subjects. You are also invited to make a quiz on your favorite art interest.

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