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This category is for listings of quizzes for the visual arts, such as painting and sculpture. These quizzes are by and for those with an interest in these types of art and the artists behind them!


  • PaintingHow into painting are you? Try our best painting quizzes.

Our Visual Arts Quizzes

  • Which Art Supply Are You?
    [by: Say wha, rated: rated: 3.81/5, published: Jun 26, 2015]

    Which art supply are you, do you think? Are you an oil paint? Are you a clay putty? Maybe you are a marker. Maybe you're glitter! Which one?!

  • What Should You Draw?
    [by: Zosonils, rated: rated: 3.19/5, published: Jan 20, 2017]

    Sometimes, we artists are hit by a terrible plague. It sucks out our creativity, it steals ideas away and holds them just outside our reach, it tells us…

Painting Quizzes

  • Which Famous Painting Describes You?
    [by: annafrozen12, rated: rated: 4.24/5, published: Aug 16, 2016]

    Get matched to one of history's most important paintings. You'll see a pic of your painting and learn details about it!

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