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What is the Big Five?

The Big Five personality traits refer to five distinct dimensions of personality, widely recognized in psychology. The Big Five is sometimes called the Five Factor Model. These five traits are known by the acronym OCEAN, which stands for Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Each of these is associated with it's opposite, for example Introversion being the opposite of Extraversion. People fall somewhere on the continuum between the two personality poles, in a bell curve distribution. Most people are close to in between, whereas fewer people (< 20 percent) are near to one or the other personality extreme.

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How Valid is the Big Five?

Numerous psychological studies have been conducted on the Big Five personality traits, confirming again and again that these are the five distinct traits which combine in unique ways to create our personalities. There is no correlation between one trait and the next. Evidence has shown that each are highly correlated with our genetics (via twin studies) as well as physiological differences in brain function. For example, Conscientiousness has a 49% heritability, according to recent studies. Introverts are found to have more blood flow to areas of the brain responsible for planning and problem solving. Our personalities are therefore difficult or impossible to change, because they are simply how we are wired.

About This Test

This test was developed to quiz you in order to discover how you score on the Big Five personality traits. Simply respond to each statement with full honesty by selecting how accurate or inaccurate the statement is as it applies to you. From you answers, your scores on the Big Five will be calculated. This will reveal insights into your unique personality. A summary of your results will be generated, as well as detailed information on what your scores mean.


Credit: questions and scoring are replicated from or inspired by the IPIP personality research.

Please note: the Big Five personality test does not yield a clinical diagnosis of any psychological condition. It is intended for your entertainment only. Hopefully you find the results insightful.