Vodka brands - Where are they from?

Vodka is one of the world's most popular spirits. Some drink it straight, others on the rocks, and still others mix it with any number of things. Even the traditional gin martini has in some quarters given way to the vodka martini. Clearly, a deep knowledge of this liver-nourishing liquid is highly recommended.

How well do you know YOUR vodkas, and vodka lore in general? Despite the quiz title, only half the questions deal with specific brands. The last half of the quiz will dig deeper into your knowledge of vodka's sometimes mysterious origins. Good luck and no cheating!

Created by: Metamatician of The Meta-Plane
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  1. Where is Absolut made?
  2. What about Stoli?
  3. Who makes Grey Goose?
  4. Ketel One is from...
  5. What country produces Chopin?
  6. What is Vodka made from?
  7. When did Vodka become quite popular in the West (e.g., the USA and Britain)?
  8. Which famous Russian scientist played a surprisingly pivotal role in formulating "modern" vodka?
  9. Which country helped to popularize vodka in the West, where it was seen as a mixing spirit and not to be drank "neat"?
  10. Which of the following is NOT a brand of Vodka?
  11. Where was Vodka invented?
  12. Final question. When approximately was vodka first formulated as a spirit of its own and not as a solely an intermediary step in producing other spirits?

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