What Kind Of Drinker You Are?

Life is a big unknown. How many times we asked ourselves: What ind of drinker I am? What vodka I like to drink? Which glass my heart belongs to? What cocktail is my favorite? Until now, these questions were unanswered, but thanks to the new vodka called Silk Vodka, we can find the answers to all these haunting us questions.

Take this short quiz and the arcana of alcove will be revealed to you. In just few short minutes you will find out whether you are Silky Cool Geek, Party Animal, Wild Creative Soul or maybe you are Romantic Spirit?

Created by: Silk Vodka

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  1. What is your favorite pick up line?
  2. If one day you ended up on a deserted island and fairly give you only one drink, what that would be:
  3. Imagine this scenario. One day you are coming to work and you learn that there was a fire that destroyed your office. You are getting a WEEK off work. You:
  4. Should we invite Paris Hilton to one of our Silk Parties?
  5. You are offered 10,000 dollars for winning a fight with one celebrity. Who would you pick?
  6. PETA needs your help. They ask you to foster an animal for a period of one week and they give you following choices. Which one would you pick:
  7. Your loved one asks you to join the annual event that her or his company hosts. You went there last year and could not wait for it to be over. So this year:
  8. You have heard people talking about the Silk Event in your area. Then you have heard it mentioned in the radio. Then, you open up your local newspaper and you read about it. You are intrigued, so you decide:
  9. Imagine that you are lucky winner of a Silk Vodka Trip (check our future newsletters, you may be surprised it just may happen to you) to one of the places.
  10. Your loved one just broke up with you so you decide to cheer yourself up a bit. You make a Silk Vodka drink, plug ipod in to you speaker and pick a song that will be:

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