Political Compass: Mid-19th Century Edition (1829-1867)

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Are you a reactionary Tory ultra who hates modernity, anyone who isn't an Anglican, and railways? Or perhaps you are an effete Peelite, combining all the joys of technocratic liberal conservatism with rampant treachery and free-trade sympathies? Are you roistering randy old Palmerston, or sober and sincere Cobden? Where DO you stand on the Maynooth Grant, or the Factory Acts?

Find out as you enter the crazy world of British politics from Catholic Emancipation to the 2nd Reform Act. We have Corn Laws (well, until 1846), we have Irish people constantly making trouble (though so would you if you were that hungry), we have enough parliamentary reform proposals to make you dizzy with confusion. From fancy franchises to Factory Acts, we have all the issues and history from circa 1829-1867 you could desire. Enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Capel Lofft
  1. Do you support the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829 (which allowed Roman Catholics to vote, take up public office and become MPs on the same basis as Anglicans, among other things)?
  2. Do you support the passage of the 1832 'Great' Reform Act (which gave parliamentary representation to many previously unrepresented areas, increased the franchise by a very modest amount and abolished many rotten boroughs)?
  3. Do you support the Poor Law Reform Act of 1834 (which introduced workhouses and the principle that they should provide only the barest of subsistence for the poor, while abolishing outdoor relief)?
  4. Do you support the People's Charter, which advocates universal manhood suffrage, the secret ballot, equalisation of parliamentary constituencies, payment for MPs, abolition of the property requirement for MPs and annual parliaments?
  5. Do you support increasing the grant to the Maynooth College, a Roman Catholic seminary in Ireland?
  6. Do you support repealing the Corn Laws (tariffs on imported corn imposed on a sliding scale according to the price)?
  7. Do you support greater emergency powers to put down Irish agitation in face of the Great Famine and the agitation of Irish nationalists?
  8. What is your view on the Factory Acts, legislation designed to restrict the hours worked in factories and mills by women and children?
  9. What are your views on foreign policy?
  10. Do you support the 1867 Reform Act (which granted the vote to all male householders in the boroughs as well as lodgers who paid rent of £10 a year or more, expanding the franchise by about a million, thereby doubling it)?

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