Political Ideologies of the Nineteenth Century

After the fall of Napoleon and the instatement of the articles of the Congress of Vienna, the conservative elite and the liberal bourgeoisie faced each other as political enemies.

What would you be if you lived in Europe in the nineteenth century? Would you be a conservative aristocrat and try to save the influence of the elite or would you join the upper-middle class in its fight for equality?

Created by: Sean
  1. Liberals are those who challenge the traditional European way of life.
  2. Do you think the political structure of a nation should limit the arbitrary power of the government against citizens and their property?
  3. You are an educated upper class bourgeoisie
  4. Do you want to extend political representation to all propertied classes?
  5. You support an absolute monarchy without restraints.
  6. Do you think nationalism and liberalism are inextricably combined?
  7. Peace will be maintained, if the articles of the Congress of Vienna are followed to the letter.
  8. The economic theories of Adam Smith are accurate a free market is the best market.
  9. Monarchy is an acceptable form of government, if placed under a number of restraints.
  10. Government regulation of the economy is absolutely necessary.
  11. Greek rebels should be supported through Military intervention.
  12. You are either a member of the monarchy, clergy, or aristocracy?
  13. Nicholas the first is the rightful Tsar of Russia.
  14. Do you favor the idea of a written constitution?
  15. Labor Unions and Guilds should be outlawed.
  16. Karl Sand is a political martyr.
  17. The people of France should take to the streets in order to declare Louis Philippe the King of France.
  18. Irish Protestants should be allowed to serve in the British House of Commons.
  19. The United States should become an absolute monarchy just to get this healthcare problem over with.

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