What would you have been centries before our time?

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What century to you belong in, it doesn't relatively have to be this one, some people have talents that could fit in a different century, and maybe, you're one of them!

That's what this quiz is all about, seeing if you're better off somewhere else in the world, at a different time, who knows? Maybe that could be true!

Created by: I like music

  1. Ok, describe your personality for me, please.
  2. What do you like to do in your spare time?
  3. How many centries back would you have liked to live?
  4. Do you think that if you were in another time, that you would be greater and more famous than you are now?
  5. What do you want to change in the modern world?
  6. What do you crave most in this world?
  7. Do you think that you could make a difference in this world? And if so, in the future, or would you be able to do more in the past?
  8. If you said yes to the last question, then what would be the field that you would change?
  9. Do you believe in magic, or mythical creatures, or things people aren't sure exist?
  10. Last question: Are you ready?
  11. ARE YOU READY?????!!!!!!!!
  12. ARE.... YOU.... READY?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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