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Image Attributions

Some image resources that appear on GoToQuiz are from third-party sources. These resources (which may include icons, backgrounds, fonts, vector graphics, Photoshop brushes, patterns, and more) are used in accordance with their licenses. The following attributions are for resources released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License:

FatCow-Farm Fresh Icons - an excellent collection of small icons, some of which may appear on GoToQuiz to give context to links and enhance overall UI appearance.

Fugue Icons - similar to above, this is a large collection of high quality small icons, which may appear on GoToQuiz to give context to links and enhance overall UI appearance.

GoToQuiz Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I see the correct answers after taking a quiz?

A: Some of our older quizzes are not capable of showing you the answers. For newer quizzes, it is up to the quiz creator to decide whether or not the answers will be shown. If he or she has chosen that option, you should find a link or button on the results page that will take you to the answers. If no such link or button is present, then the answers cannot be viewed.

Q: How can I find a certain quiz I am looking for?

A: We've added a search box on our main page, and you can find many of our quizzes by checking the quiz categories.

Q: How can I log in to finish a quiz or check the stats?

A: There is a link at the bottom of the homepage, and alternatively a login form on the "create a quiz" page. Or you could just follow this link.

Q: I created a quiz, now how can I go back and make changes to it?

A: You simply need to log into your quiz and click the link to the summary page, found on the left column after you log in. From there you can make your changes.

Q: Do all new quizzes show up publicly on the site?

A: Newly created quizzes are added to various pages on the site, often within minutes of being created. However not all will be displayed there. Quizzes that are meant to be personal or quizzes which may violate our terms and conditions are not displayed publicly.

Q: My quiz never showed up on the new quiz list! Why?

No quiz shows up immediately. It may take some time. If your quiz never shows, it could be because you checked off that it is a private quiz for your friends. It could also be that your quiz was filtered out due to issues such as excessive punctuation or random letters, offensive words, or other problems. This does not necessarily mean your quiz is deleted. It just means we aren't promoting it on the new quiz list. Make sure you follow our terms of service!

Q: How does the scoring of the quizzes work?

A: Quizzes that don't have viewable answers have a scoring formula unique to each quiz, which calculates a "fuzzy" score. These scores are intended to be as accurate as possible, based on the inputs provided by the quiz's creator. The fuzzy logic takes into account different weights for each question, partial credit, and other vagaries inherent in the scoring process.

Quizzes that have viewable answers are scored like tests, meaning the number of questions you got right or wrong result in a hard final score. For example, if you got eight questions correct on a ten question quiz, your score will be 80%. There is no partial credit or fuzzy logic to massage your score in these quizzes.

Q: Are all quizzes screened by an editor?

No. Due to the volume of quizzes created around the clock, it is not possible to screen them all. An automated process is in place to attempt to filter out quizzes which violate our terms and conditions. An editor will try to review many of the quizzes created each day to either remove them or promote them to a quiz category. The editor may also take no action on a quiz.

Q: What are the criteria for a quiz to be promoted to the front page?

A quiz must achieve a certain level of popularity and favorable ratings. Post the link to your quiz on forum sites or social networks. Also, make sure your quiz is not offensive, does not contain excessive punctuation, random letters or too much capitalization. The exact formula for quiz promotion is a secret.

Q: Can people cheat to get their quiz on the front page?

No. Repeatedly rating or taking your own quiz does nothing to help it get to the front page. Our software ignores that type of thing.

Q: What are the criteria for a quiz to be promoted to a category?

The quiz must be relatively free of spelling and grammar errors, must be on a topic that we have a category for, must be fun or interesting to take, and must give good results.

Q: I created a really good quiz and you didn't add it to a category. Did you not like it?

Chances are we didn't see it. Because of the high number of quizzes created not all quizzes are viewed and considered for placement in a category. If you feel strongly that your quiz should be placed in a category, you can contact us using the feedback form on the home page.