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Numerous creatures are spawned from mythology. Unicorns, centaurs, fairies, dragons and others--the stuff of ancient legend. Ancient Greek literature provides many mythical creatures, as does Roman mythology, the writings of Dante, and others. We've assembled some quizzes created by GoToQuiz users on mythical creatures. Try them out!


  • DragonsHere there be dragons. Enjoy our best dragon quizzes.
  • MermaidsHow much do you know about these mythical sea creatures? Ever wish you were a mermaid?

Our Mythical Creature Quiz List

  • What Kind of Fairy Are You?
    [by: Jody Wallace, rated: rated: 3.46/5, published: Jul 15, 2008]

    There are many fairies in humanspace, watching us, living among us. Which type would you be, and what would you be up to?

  • What fantasy creature would you be?
    [by: dead punk, rated: rated: 3.02/5, published: May 23, 2007]

    Fantasy tales across cultures have included tons of different creatures... big foot, unicorns, dragons. Which are you?

  • Which Fairy Talent Do You Have?
    [by: Kenzie Rae, rated: rated: 4.26/5, published: Jun 22, 2018]

    Learn your ideal fairy talent, with eight possible results. Is it what you expected?

  • What Mythical Creature are you?
    [by: Grace, rated: rated: 3.94/5, published: Feb 5, 2007]

    Have you ever wondered what kind a creature dwells within you? This quiz has the answer.

  • What Is Your Mythical Creature?
    [by: Obscura, rated: rated: 3.64/5, published: May 12, 2010]

    Mythical creatures are the ultimate animals. Are you of the land, the sea, or the sky?

  • Which mythical horse are you?
    [by: annafrozen12, rated: rated: 3.59/5, published: Oct 25, 2016]

    There are many different types of horses described in myth and legend. Which of these six will you be?

  • What mythical creature are you?
    [by: Brandy, rated: rated: 3.59/5, published: May 5, 2009]

    Which creature of legend or fairy tale are you? Or are you really just a human?

  • What Mythical Creature Are You?
    [by: Lee_Laceration, rated: rated: 3.53/5, published: Jan 22, 2011]

    Which of 8 possible creatures are you? Questions are about your life and how you'd handle different situations.

  • What type of nymph are you?
    [by: Silverspring324, rated: rated: 4.6/5, published: Oct 8, 2017]

    Nymphs are spirits in Greek mythology who animate everything in nature. Every tree, breeze, stream and flower field has a nymph.

  • What Mythical Creature Are You?
    [by: China Anne McClain, rated: rated: 3.93/5, published: Apr 7, 2018]

    See which result you'll get, out of bigfoot, a siren, a unicorn, or a werewolf.

  • Which Greek Monster are You Most Like
    [by: Charles, rated: rated: 3.75/5, published: Dec 15, 2017]

    Which creature of Greek mythology are you? A cyclops maybe, or perhaps a Minotaur or a Hydra?

  • What's your Changeling type?
    [by: Gothmom, rated: rated: 3.17/5, published: Sep 25, 2007]

    How you answer these questions will decide which type you are fated to be.

  • Which Mythological Creature are you?
    [by: Dragoness, rated: rated: 3.16/5, published: Jul 28, 2009]

    Do you have a sense that there may be another world among this dimensionm, a world where mythology is real?

  • Which mystical creature are you?
    [by: Elizabeth, rated: rated: 3.12/5, published: Mar 13, 2008]

    You have heard stories of mystical creatures, magic and ghosts in your childhood. Ever thought you'd be in one?

Dragons Quizzes

Find them on our Dragons page.

Mermaids Quizzes

  • What Color is Your Mermaid Tail?
    [by: Jewlz, rated: rated: 3.99/5, published: Feb 10, 2011]

    Have you imagined yourself as a mermaid, perched upon the rocks or swimming at sea? Discover the color of your tail and what it says about you.

  • What is your mermaid power?
    [by: Mary, rated: rated: 4.31/5, published: Jul 14, 2012]

    If you are a mermaid you might have a power. Are you ready to find out?

  • What's your mermaid name?
    [by: IsAwesome, rated: rated: 3.75/5, published: Aug 1, 2008]

    If you were a mermaid, you'd need a suitable mermaid name. Get matched to one here.

  • What is your mermaid power?
    [by: Silverfox24, rated: rated: 3.64/5, published: May 24, 2011]

    Do you have a mermaid power? Find out which one it is.

  • What type of mermaid am I?
    [by: CloverBell, rated: rated: 3.58/5, published: Jul 22, 2011]

    Find out your mermaid type/color and what it means. Inspired by the anime Mermaid Melody.

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