What's your Changeling type?

Changelings didn't really get a choice when their Fae masters kidnapped them. Luckily, you get to choose your "fate" by answering some simple questions about how you live your life and what you like and dislike.

Are you beautiful and stylish? Are you rash and feral? Are you dark and scary? Are you so far removed from humanity that you resemble aspects of your surroundings? Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Gothmom of Livejournal
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  1. You just got a windfall of $100. What do you spend it on?
  2. Describe your shoes.
  3. What sort of book did you read last?
  4. Where did you get your last haircut?
  5. My favorite movie.
  6. Where do you buy underwear
  7. My job on the other side of the Hedge was:
  8. My favorite color
  9. The best kind of music is:
  10. You drive

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Quiz topic: What's my Changeling type?