Which Kappa Delta Founder Are You?

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Which Kappa Delta Sorority founder are you? Striving for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest, our founders created this amazing organization that now promotes confidence in women everywhere.

While things were quite different in 1897, our ideals, values, and beliefs remain the same. Take this quiz and find out which of the four founders you are!

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  1. Your idea of a relaxing afternoon includes:
  2. What do you most commonly search for on Netflix?
  3. You can most likely be found listening to:
  4. Going off to school, your main priority was:
  5. You're friends often call you:
  6. You would describe yourself as:
  7. What do you love most about Kappa Delta?
  8. What is your major?
  9. If you could bring one thing with you on an island it would be:
  10. Green or White?

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Quiz topic: Which Kappa Delta Founder am I?