How Environmentally Friendly Are You?

Everybody know about being environmentally friendly and think that they are doing a lot to save the planet. However, many of these people are not as environmentally friendly as they like to think and need a boost of inspiration to change their ways. A truly environmentally friendly person does absolutely all they can to help and encourage others too.

The question is how environmentally friendly are YOU? Do you think you are better than you are or will you be in for a surprise. Either way, it is important to help the planet in as many ways as we can.

Created by: Mollie
  1. Do you...
  2. Do you brush your teeth with the tap running?
  3. Do you recycle?
  4. Do you recycle paper/card? e.g. newspapers, old letters etc.
  5. Do you recycle glass and plastic?
  6. Do you recycle tin cans?
  7. Why don't you recycle?
  8. Do you have a compost bin?
  9. If you have a compost bin, what goes in it?
  10. How many TVs do you have in the house?
  11. Do you leave electrical appliances on standby?
  12. What do you leave on standby?
  13. How many cars does your household own?
  14. Do you use both sides of the paper?
  15. Do you turn off lights when you leave the room if it is empty?
  16. How do you get to school?
  17. If you go by car, are you close enough to walk, or is there a bus service?

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Quiz topic: How Environmentally Friendly am I?