Which Weasley Should You Date?

For everyone who has read the Harry Potter series, watched the movies, or even has a best friend who has, they all know the Weasleys. A bundle of red hair and good family values, the Weasley family is one that every child dreams of.

Because you (unfortunately) have not been born into the Weasley clan, there's only one way to join it now- marry into it! Which then raises the question- which Weasley should you date?

Created by: Abby
  1. What are you looking for in a lover?
  2. Is your lover on the Quidditch team?
  3. In one word, describe your partner.
  4. What does your lover like to do on their spare time?
  5. Freebee: Who do you want?
  6. Where would you two go for an anniversary date?
  7. What would your guys' song be?
  8. How would your lover propose?
  9. How would you spend your first ride to Hogwarts together as excitable first years?
  10. Who's the first person they admit they like you to?

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Quiz topic: Which Weasley should I Date?