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This category is dedicated to the mega-popular fantasy genre of literature. How does your knowledge of fantasy book series stack up? You can challenge yourself by taking some of our fan-created quizzes.


Our Fantasy Quizzes

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Are we lacking a quiz on your favorite fantasy book series or author? You can correct this great injustice by creating your own! Two popular literature quiz formats are the "how much do you know"-type and the "which character are you"-type. But you don't have to confine yourself to one of those; your imagination is the only limit.

Another reason why it's better to make a quiz on a series we don't have covered is that it'll have a better chance to stand out. You've seen our Harry Potter page, right? There are so many quizzes already! We at GoToQuiz hope to expand this lit fantasy page to feature a variety of other series as well, to better suit everyone's interests.

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