Which Six of Crows Character are You?

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This quiz will determine which character from Leigh Bardugo's acclaimed YA duology Six of Crows you are most like based on meaningful questions (your favorite color will not be mentioned or play any role).

Please be honest in your responses, since the quality of your result will be based on how accurate your answers are. I hope that you like the quiz and that you're happy with your results!

Created by: ArcaneAsteroid
  1. What do you value and admire about yourself?
  2. What is one of your weaknesses?
  3. If you could, you would live in a(n)...
  4. One topic that you enjoy(ed) learning about in school is/was...
  5. If you could have one superpower of the following, what would it be?
  6. If you were a child of a Greek god, which would it be?
  7. What's the easiest way to steal a man's wallet?
  8. Who is your favorite Grishaverse character outside Six of Crows (of the following options)?
  9. What is your favorite genre of movie to watch?
  10. The way you see it, people are naturally...
  11. Is it hard for you to trust people?
  12. Are you a thrill seeker?
  13. How do you prefer to work?
  14. When life gives you lemons, you...
  15. What do you wish for in life?
  16. Thanks for taking this quiz! I'd love if you left a rating and/or review.

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Quiz topic: Which Six of Crows Character am I?