What Watership Down Character are You?

Watership Down is a wonderful story, filled with explicit storytelling. Not for the faint of heart, it describes in perfect detail the life of the wild rabbit and tells a story of action, courage and freedom.

Now, all the characters in the book are well-developed and interesting. Each one has faults, strengths and a realistic personality. But, with each character so different, perhaps you have wondered which one you are the most like? It is true that you may have a rough idea of what character might closely relate to you. If you'd like to be sure, what are you waiting for? Go on!

Created by: Animal Xpert
  1. How much do you know about Watership Down?
  2. Would you consider yourself intelligent?
  3. Are you good at storytelling?
  4. Are you a good leader?
  5. Do you have any kind of strange feelings at all?
  6. Would you consider yourself strong?
  7. What's your favorite pastime or hobby?
  8. Are you a very social person?
  9. What elil is scarier?
  10. How do you consider smaller animals? (eg. Yona, mice)
  11. Are you willing to take risks if they are just for sport?
  12. Are you willing to take risks if they are unnecessary, yet beneficial?
  13. Are you willing to take risks if they are completely necessary?
  14. Are you willing to alter your ways in order to have a better life, even if it may not be natural or you could be laughed at?
  15. Are you obedient to orders if you trust the leader?
  16. Are you obedient to orders if you don't know anything about the leader?
  17. Are you obedient to orders if you do not trust the leader?
  18. What is your favorite quote?

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Quiz topic: What Watership Down Character am I?