Are You Boyish or Girlish?

Are you boyish or girlish? Are you seen as a tomboy or tomgirl, or a girly girl or girly boy in your friends' eyes? Do your prefer playfighting over shopping? Violence over flower power?

Find out whether you are more of a boy or a girl... If you ever wondered. (This is a tad stereotyped, so please don't get mad.) Hope you like it, and have fun.

Created by: Kim
  1. What are your thoughts on makeup (for yourself)?
  2. What kind of clothing do you wear?
  3. Do your friends think of you as boyish or girlish?
  4. Do you have more guy friends or girl friends?
  5. Any hats?
  6. What kind of shoes would you get?
  7. If one day you woke up and were the other gender, what would your reaction be?
  8. What's your favorite color?
  9. T-shirts or spaghetti straps?
  10. Would you rather play a video game or paint your nails?

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Quiz topic: Am I Boyish or Girlish?