Do you act more like a boy or a girl?

THIS QUIZ WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. F O R E V E R.... Pay attention because everyone wants to know if they're boyish or girly. Now you can find out. I know right, awesome.

Just Kidding. It probably won't change your life. I don't know why you guys care, but here's a quiz to find out if your Feminine or Masculine. Let's hope you're masculine because I think we're all sick of "oh em gee i ttly luv justin beiber" No offence guys.

Created by: Phineas
  1. What would you prefer to eat?
  2. Favourite movie genre?
  3. Favourite colour?
  4. Favourite animal out of these:-
  5. Favourite music genre?
  6. Favourite Musician of the following?
  7. Would you rather:
  8. Again, favourite musician of the following?
  9. What would you rather do in your spare time?
  10. What would you like in a girlfriend or boyfriend?
  11. The perfect gift?
  12. What is cooler in your opinion?
  13. What is your favourite movie from the following?
  14. What book would you rather read?
  15. Who is more attractive in your opinion?
  16. What best describes you?
  17. What is your favourite TV show of the following?
  18. What word is cooler?
  19. What is your favourite instrument?
  20. You want to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend via text. What do you say?

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Quiz topic: Do I act more like a boy or a girl?