What kind of girl are you?

Wonder what sort of girl you are? Or cant make up your mind, rely on this quiz to do it all for you. Sutrely you understand the way of girl-talk and the hard life of the women?!

With this quiz we ask for ne cheaters, so please answer truthfully and not with how you want your answer to be, furthermore you will find out who you want to be but you aren't

Created by: lydia

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Faviourite hobbie
  2. What type of boy do you like?
  3. faviourite colour
  4. lifetime wish
  5. how many friends have you got?
  6. what car do you want
  7. what present would you want
  8. what party would you prefer?
  9. personality (2 answer question)
  10. house type? (2 answer question)

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Quiz topic: What kind of girl am I?