What type of wife are you?

There are a lot of married people. People in committed relationships. Etc. Ever wonder what type of wife you are? Confused as to what you should be doing?

What kind of wife are you? This test will help you learn what type of wife you are. There are many, many types of wives. This test will give you the basic 4 types. Good luck!

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  1. Your spouse has had a bad day at work and is being distant, you?
  2. Your spouse comes down with the flu, you?
  3. It is your spouses birthday, you?
  4. A rainy Saturday afternoon, your spouse looks bored, you?
  5. While shopping at the mall your spouse points out something they love! You,
  6. Your spouse calls you out of the blue, you?
  7. You just received a promotion. You want to celebrate with a large group of friends. Your spouse secretly has planned an intimate night for two. You,
  8. You and your spouse are having a bit difficulty communicating you?
  9. The finances are being strained, you?
  10. Your spouse has lost their job, you?
  11. Your mother in law or should we say monster in law wants to move in, you?

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Quiz topic: What type of wife am I?