Which BIG LOVE wife are you?

Could you handle sharing your husband with 2 or more other women? Could you find your place in the household and unselfishly share and help out for the good of all involved? COuld you take the back seat from time to time and let the other women feel special too?

Which BIG LOVE wife would you be? The responible one, the idealistic one, or the youthful, fun-loving one? Could you see yourself appreciating everything that the other wives could do for you?

Created by: Brandi

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  1. you are going to a pta meeting what do you wear?
  2. There is a function and SOMEBODY has to stay home with the kids. Do you...
  3. one of the kids has been suspended from school. You get a call from the principal. Do you...
  4. One of the other wives is pregnant. You are...
  5. your husband is giving a lot more secretive attention to one of the wives than the others. do you...
  6. one of the children is having serious behavior problems do you...
  7. If you had ot pick a position in a wedding which would it be?
  8. what color do you want to wear on saturday?
  9. choose your favorite of the following names
  10. which of the following is a most attractive trait in a man?
  11. if you had to pick a situation for sharing a car what would it be?
  12. how do you feel standing in line at he grocery store or somewhere for a long time?
  13. which shoes would you choose?
  14. what kind of bras/panties
  15. Your idea of a fun family outing

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Quiz topic: Which BIG LOVE wife am I?