David Grau's Wife Test

This a quiz to Find David Grau's Next Top Wife... However I do Want a honest wife so Please don't cheat... Cheaters arent cool, but I am, and that is probably why you are taking this quiz, I mean who doesn't want to be My wife.

GOOD LUCK... I Only wish you all could be my wife... But Luck is for Pagans... and animals that are being hunted by pagans. GOOD FAITH... and have courage

Created by: David
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is Your Favorite Primary Color
  2. What is Your Religous Background
  3. What is Your Favorite Type of Music
  4. Do you play any of these acoustic stringed instruments? Upright bass, banjo, guitar, Dobro, Fiddle, mandolin or Guitjo.
  5. Have you ever ran Cross Country in the past? (middle school, high school, college)
  6. Which of the following are you?
  7. Do you like Plaid?
  8. Do You like to Dance?
  9. Do You Own a Horse(s)
  10. Do You like the Office
  11. What sport would you rather watch
  12. Are You a Southern Bell
  13. Do you want more than a hanful (5) of children
  14. Which of the following colleges would you cheer for?
  15. Do you shop at A & F
  16. Would You Rather...
  17. Do You swear alot
  18. Are you willing to relocate to the country and/or the mountains for yours truly?

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