How well do you know DAVID ARCHULETA?!

Do you think you know David Archuleta better than everyone else? The American Idol cutie is more than just a gorgeous face! This quiz starts off with some easy questions, but then it gets harder. Make sure you know you're Archie facts!

David Archuleta is an American Idol Contestant favorite! Do you think you know him well enough to pass this quiz? The first question's easy, but watch out for some tricky questions in between!

Created by: Natalie

  1. What is david's middle name?
  2. Which hand does david write with?
  3. What do some of david's friends call him?
  4. What song did david sing on March 4, 2008, on American Idol?
  5. Who are the people that picked david to win American Idol?
  6. When did david start taking formal singing lessons?
  7. David is MOST OFTEN described as:
  8. What is david's favorite fruit?
  9. Who is david's favorite female contestant on the past American Idols?
  10. What is david's favorite type of candy?
  11. What are david's favorite colors?
  12. What is david's older sister's name?
  13. To battle nerves, david...
  14. What is david's lucky charm?
  15. What does david like to sing?
  16. What is david's favorite sport?
  17. Out of these drinks, which does david like best?
  18. What color eyes does david have?
  19. David has a brother named:
  20. David loves:
  21. What is david's dad's name?
  22. Where does david currently live?
  23. After American Idol, david wants to:
  24. Freebie [your thought] Will david win American Idol?
  25. David can play the:
  26. David has two cats, one named Cloudy and the other one named:
  27. david was born in:
  28. What was david's audition number for American Idol?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know DAVID ARCHULETA?!