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Do think that the Edwardian era was all about sedate garden parties, country house weekends and the King dandling his mistresses on his knee? Wrong! The period between the end of the Victorian Era and the commencement of the First World War was one of extraordinary political upheaval and conflict. From the conflict over Irish Home Rule to the militancy of the suffragettes, from the tumultuous battle over the People's Budget and Lords reform to industrial discontent initiated by a hungry and militant working class, Britain in this era was a powder keg of discontent.

New groups, ideas and parties formed. The Labour Party was founded, feminism found its feet, and the Liberal Party transformed itself. Towering political figures such as Lloyd George, Winston Churchill, Edward Carson, the Pankhursts and Keir Hardie emerged. Who would you have been? A militant suffragette? A placard-wielding weirdie-beardie member of the ILP? A spluttering reactionary Tory diehard? Let's find out!

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  1. Do you support Home Rule for Ireland?
  2. Do you support the People's Budget?
  3. Do you support re-arming Britain to face down the German threat? In particular, do you support building more dreadnoughts?
  4. Do you support Tariff Reform?
  5. Do you support votes for women?
  6. Do you support the Parliament Act 1911?
  7. Do you support passing the Trade Disputes Act 1906, which established the principle that trade unions could not be sued for damages incurred during a strike?
  8. Do you support disestablishing the Church of Wales?
  9. Do you support the majority report of the Royal Commission on the Poor Laws?
  10. Do you support the wave of strikes and industrial action taken by the trade unions in the Great Unrest of 1911 and 1914, and particularly the demand for a Miners' Minimum Wage?
  11. Do you support Britain's entry into the First World War?

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