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You can use GoToQuiz to promote your site. Just create a quiz around a topic you know something about. We'll put any link you specify on the quiz itself and on the results page, free.

Millions of people have taken quizzes at GoToQuiz. If your quiz makes it to our front page or Top 40 list, it can easily attract thousands of hits. If your quiz is good enough it will go viral, with people posting it to blogs or social networks.

Your link will gain exposure to our large GoToQuiz audience.

What Works, And What Doesn't

A successful quiz is compelling. It is topical and/or unique. It is the kind of thing people want to take. It tells them something about themselves. It is thoughtful, even witty. Proper spelling is a must. A result that seems to make sense is important. A good idea is to make the quiz about the topic of your blog or web site.

If you want to get your quiz to hit our front page, it really helps to tell your friends to take it or post a link to it on a forum or blog. A little promotion goes a long way at GoToQuiz. If you want your quiz to get promoted to our most prominent locations, you can help it get there by spreading the word.

Some things to avoid are bad spelling, not respecting GoToQuiz's required fields, copying other quizzes, and making your quiz targeted to too narrow a niche. Your site or blog may focus on a narrow niche, however consider how your quiz might be of interest to a wider population.

For a list of tips on how to get your quiz to rank highly, read more here.