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The quizzes in this category attempt to determine which group you identify with. The groups can be defined any way the quiz creator likes, be it by athletic ability, social clique, or other affiliation. Find out how well you fit into various subcultures and stereotypes.


Our Identity Quizzes

  • Brain Hemisphere
    [by: amazon, rated: rated: 3.83/5, published: Jun 2, 2009]

    Are you more creative, or analytical? Do you rely on intuition, or on evidence? Do you prefer the hard sciences or the arts? See if are right- or left-brained.

  • How White Are You Quiz
    [by: Jack B., rated: rated: 3.16/5, published: Mar 2, 2009]

    A fun quiz that tests you on stereotypical "white people" stuff.--specifically, upper middle class whiteness. 16 questions determine your score.

  • Are you a Weeb?
    [by: Conner, rated: rated: 4.09/5, published: Dec 11, 2018]

    In this quiz, I will attempt to determine how much of a weeb you are, and whether you are one at all. Try to answer everything as accurately as you can. Don't…

  • Are You a Country or City Girl?
    [by: Amber, rated: rated: 3.95/5, published: May 22, 2009]

    This quiz is to find out if you belong in the country, city, or the town/suburbs. Questions include your favorite flower, dinner choice, and movie. There are…

  • Are You Hot Or Not?
    [by: Juvs, rated: rated: 3.91/5, published: Sep 1, 2009]

    This quiz is made to determine whether you're considered Hot or Not. Just remember, no matter what your score is, true beauty comes from the inside. Please…

  • How Redneck are you?
    [by: Courtney, rated: rated: 3.75/5, published: Sep 27, 2006]

    Do You Think You Are Truely A Redneck? If You Do You Should Take This Quiz To Truely Find Out If Your A Redneck Or Just A Wannabe Redneck. Hopefully You Can…

  • How Weeaboo are You?
    [by: Dave, rated: rated: 3.66/5, published: May 11, 2008]

    Are you someone who obsesses over Japanese culture? See if you take it to an extreme level.

  • How black are you?
    [by: courtney, rated: rated: 3.59/5, published: Feb 21, 2008]

    There are many black people but very few actually know they're black. A black person is someone who can truly hold it down in the hood or in life, period. If…

  • The Black Experience Quiz
    [by: J.C., rated: rated: 3.59/5, published: Aug 25, 2007]

    Black culture is an important fabric in American soicety, yet not a lot of people know the truth about it.

  • How *Country* Are You?
    [by: Rachel, rated: rated: 3.5/5, published: May 10, 2007]

    Are you, deep down, a real deep down you're a home grown country boy or girl?

  • Are You Gay, Bi, or Straight?
    [by: Mark, rated: rated: 3.45/5, published: Aug 8, 2006]

    Who are you attracted to, men or women? Maybe you already know the answer, or maybe you are confused.

  • How Redneck Are You?
    [by: Kristy, rated: rated: 3.43/5, published: Aug 26, 2006]

    Find out your redneck score and see how much you fit the stereotype.

  • Am I a Lesbian?
    [by: Pat, rated: rated: 3.33/5, published: Nov 27, 2007]

    Your sexual orientation is a core element of your personality. It is an aspect of you that defines how you interact with other people and how you define…

  • Ancient Warrior Quiz
    [by: Billy, rated: rated: 3.32/5, published: Apr 30, 2009]

    Which Ancient Warrior are you? Try this quiz and find out. Are you a professional or brutal? Find out Here! This is where I take your psychological…

  • Are you a girlie girl or a butch bruiser?
    [by: The invisable woman, rated: rated: 3.29/5, published: Nov 19, 2006]

    This quiz is designed to work out whether your a complete girlie la la or a butch bruiser...don't think anyones done this quiz before. So why not give it ago!

  • How Ghetto Are You
    [by: CC, rated: rated: 3.25/5, published: Aug 11, 2006]

    This is just a light-hearted fun, funny quiz that let's you test how ghetto you are. If your confused right now, then the quiz probably isn't for you, but for…

  • How Thai-american are you?
    [by: Matthew, rated: rated: 3.23/5, published: May 27, 2007]

    Growing up in a Thai community in Eastern NC, and then meeting Thai-american kids from other areas, I realized that we all have had a similar upbringing.

  • How Stereotypically Gay Are You?
    [by: Kiener, rated: rated: 3.22/5, published: Aug 11, 2006]

    This little test applies only to males, but if you are female, hey, I can't stop you from taking it. However it won't really work for you. Maybe you should…

  • What is your soul symbol?
    [by: cornet crazie, rated: rated: 3.2/5, published: Jan 25, 2010]

    Have you ever wondered what your soul is? What it looks like? A soul is a colored circle with a symbol on it. This quiz should help you find out a rough idea…

  • What redneck are you?
    [by: fitch, rated: rated: 3.11/5, published: Dec 4, 2006]

    rednecks are a rare breed. only the finest few can all them selves so. this paragraph thing i have to do i pretty gay. i didnt know it took this much damn…

  • How Indian are you?
    [by: Kalpita, rated: rated: 3.04/5, published: Oct 3, 2007]

    Being Indian...sometimes good ...sometimes bad. The overobsessive parents lecturing you about A*, the constant intruding of private and personal things and…

  • Are you an old fart?
    [by: Alissa, rated: rated: 2.91/5, published: Oct 9, 2007]

    What is an old fart? It's a person who acts old! It's kind of a fun way to say that someone acts old. Old farts are not a problem at all! Old fart is a life…

  • Are You An Eccentric?
    [by: Maximillian, rated: rated: 2.9/5, published: Feb 19, 2007]

    Do you ever feel that the world is not your home? That it is just a waste of time and energy to try to fit in? Do you adore being odd? Why not find out just…

  • Are you a big guido?
    [by: bigD, rated: rated: 2.88/5, published: Apr 23, 2007]

    A guido is a special person, usually from NJ or NY...kinda crazy, they have a unique style, and they make a scene wherever they go...I'm one and I want to…

  • Are You Straight Out Chunti?
    [by: KAKA, rated: rated: 2.79/5, published: Jan 12, 2008]

    See how closely you fit the stereotype. Are you chunti?

  • How MOD are you?
    [by: Bill!x, rated: rated: 2.69/5, published: Feb 18, 2007]

    I bet you wonder what a mod is. Well if you've ever been to a seaside town in summer and heard all the scooters and seen the hoards of people in suits with…

  • The Sad Person Test
    [by: anorak, rated: rated: 2.27/5, published: May 13, 2010]

    How sad are you? Find out in this reasonably sad but truely exciting quiz which will truly reveal your secret level of sadness. Once and for all. No going

  • How Posh Are You?
    [by: pookie9966, rated: rated: 1.89/5, published: Oct 24, 2009]

    Do you think you are posh, or maybe a chav? Well you can find out here. What is being posh? Is it being rich... well-spoken... clever? Who knows! Does it mean…

Bikers Quizzes

  • Are you an Old School Biker
    [by: The Geek, rated: rated: 3.96/5, published: Apr 30, 2007]

    There is a diverse community in the motorcycle world today. There are as many different people riding now as their are makes of motorcycles. Finding your…

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Geeks and Nerds Quizzes

  • What Be Your Nerd Type?
    [by: Irony, rated: rated: 3.77/5, published: Feb 23, 2007]

    Almost everyone is a nerd deep down; some more than others. There are many types of nerds, some types we might not even consider until looking at ourselves…

  • How geek are you?
    [by: Matthews, rated: rated: 2.69/5, published: Aug 7, 2006]

    Geek. Nerd. I bet you're thinking that this test will give you a headache. I promise it won't. It might leave you thinking I'm an idiot, but oh well. This is…

Gender Identity Quizzes

  • What Is Your Gender Expression?
    [by: EdgyPotato, rated: rated: 4.23/5, published: Feb 18, 2017]

    Ever since the dawn of time, people have connected various objects, activities and personality traits to genders. It largely depends on culture. For example,…

  • Are you displaying more masculine or feminine energy?
    [by: Kripa R - ZenAccess, rated: rated: 3.68/5, published: Oct 7, 2017]

    You're about to find out where you are on the feminine/masculine energy balance scale. Are you an Anima or an Animus?

Gothic Quizzes

  • What kind of goth are you?
    [by: xlxgothicxlx, rated: rated: 3.31/5, published: Mar 29, 2007]

    Find out which sub-type of the gothic culture you belong to. Five possible results!

  • Whats your Goth name?
    [by: Dawn, rated: rated: 2.88/5, published: Jul 24, 2006]

    There are some people who like the color black and have any problems in their life so they try to become a Goth but it doesnt quit work out b/c they pull the…

  • How goth are you? Get Your Score
    [by: Kara, rated: rated: 1.75/5, published: Jan 15, 2011]

    Want to know if you're goth? Wonder where you fit in, in town? Do people stare at you when you walk by? Are people whispering behind your back pointing…

High School Stereotypes Quizzes

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Hip-Hop Quizzes

  • Are You Hip Hop or Not?
    [by: Real Dj Gaudy, rated: rated: 2.74/5, published: Apr 17, 2017]

    You don't gotta be black to be hip hop, but the question is, are you really hip hop at all? This is a quiz to see if you are. So many people throw the word…

Hippie Quizzes

  • Are you a hippie?
    [by: E, rated: rated: 3.31/5, published: Nov 12, 2006]

    In the 1960s, the word "hippie" was sometimes used as an insult. That is still true today, but the hippies have evolved and found new ways to thrive in our…

Juggalo Quizzes

  • Actual Juggalo Quiz
    [by: Ninja, rated: rated: 3.43/5, published: Jul 1, 2009]

    This test does not determine how much of a Juggalo you are, you rep the hatchet and love the music and that is about all you need. Actually, y

  • Are You a TRUE Juggalo
    [by: jon, rated: rated: 3.36/5, published: Jul 11, 2006]

    There are many true ass Juggaloes out there, and we need to find them. We need to sort out the Juggaloes from the juggahoes. Which one do you think you are.…

  • Are You A Juggalo Or A Poser?
    [by: Alisha, rated: rated: 2.91/5, published: May 9, 2007]

    Lets find out if you know enough about ICP to be considered a juggalo! Many people call themselves Juggalos, but they're just posers and I'm sick of it!

  • Juggalo dee test
    [by: Nowhere, rated: rated: 2.83/5, published: Mar 19, 2008]

    This is for the juggalo family. If you are not familiar with this you are far from understanding these questions. So for the rest of you juggalos good luck.…

Social Status Quizzes

  • Upper Class or Not Quiz
    [by: pjk3493, rated: rated: 2.6/5, published: Nov 19, 2013]

    Mainly relevant to Brits, this quiz will decide whether or not you are properly upper class.

  • Vad √§are Din Sociala Klass?
    [by: danjoh, rated: rated: 2.54/5, published: Mar 18, 2013]

    A Swedish social class quiz, for those who speak the language.

  • How Posh Are You?
    [by: pookie9966, rated: rated: 1.89/5, published: Oct 24, 2009]

    Do you think you are posh, or maybe a chav? Well you can find out here. What is being posh? Is it being rich... well-spoken... clever? Who knows! Does it mean…

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