Are you a hippie?

In the 1960s, the word "hippie" was sometimes used as an insult. That is still true today, but the hippies have evolved and found new ways to thrive in our modern world. And we can all learn something from them.

Are you a hippie? You may be a bit of one without really knowing it. You may embrace the stereotype with glee. Or you might think that the person who wrote this quiz is nuts to think hippies are cool. Try it out anyway! It's all for fun.

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  1. What kind of milk do you drink?
  2. Where do you buy your clothes?
  3. What is freecycle?
  4. Do you believe in free love?
  5. Do you have political leanings?
  6. Are you a pacifist?
  7. When you have children, how will you carry them?
  8. How do you make a living?
  9. Do you read the newspaper?
  10. Do you recycle?
  11. Where do you live?
  12. How do you feel about body art?
  13. Do you own a pet?
  14. How do you react when someone calls you a hippie?
  15. Substances?
  16. How do you get your excercise?
  17. How do you get around town?
  18. Are you a vegetarian?
  19. Do you read poetry?
  20. How do you feel about earth-based spirituality?

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