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  • 51% but I know I'm a bit more than that and there are different types of hippies their not all the same doing yoga and not all of them are vegan and vegetarian even though its definitly the right choice. And they certainly don't all just sleep around. Not everyone can walk or ride a bike that much when places you need to go are far away. I ride a scooter with 70 miles to the gallon in town and thats good enough for me. I'm a vegetarian who doesn't eat eggs and only buys soy milk though I do eat cheese and things like that. Go Veg!

    Ellis Redding
  • 80% which I was fairly certain of anyways! But a bit of a suggestion, if I may. More options in the questions, or at least more options to select "other". For instance, in the question as to where you live, I didn't know quite which one to select because I don't fall under any of the options. I live in a tent on the river, and have been for 2 years (strictly by choice for the past year and a half, not by choice at first). But adding more options to select different answers might yield better, or more closely accurate results for some. Thanks! I did enjoy the quiz! Much fun!

  • I got a 43% on this quiz. I am okay with that. What brought me to this site is that I love tie dyed t-shirts, birkenstocks and patchouli oil. I frequent the organic market, have mutiple tattoos. I am also looking to purchase a used Subaru Outback. I light incense daily.I loved the movie Forest Gump and I am still having a love affair with the 60's. Do these things make me ahippie

    • Yes. There are many different types of hippie out there and you, random online person, are one of them!

  • You're not in the lowest bracket of non-hippie-hood, but you're close. I advise a field trip to a food co-op or a farmer's market. Do a few interviews and take notes, because there will be a quiz next week to see if you've learned anything.

    @anyon e who thinks it's ok to WEAR animal fur: You guys need to watch a video about slaughter houses. A real docuementary not a hooror film. Ugh.

    And back to my results: the vegetarian question is on the fence for me, I tried but SOMEBODY{*cough brother *cough) wouldn't tolerate it so I just gave up. As for politics: I'm so confused about the government so I just forget it. I mean who CARES?

    @hippo-chic k: Nice. I recommend this really good book by Gordan Korman: it's called "Schooled." it's about a hippie who has to start going to a real school and is elected president of 8th grade(ironic, much?) which is a huge insult. Great book and maybe it'll get more people to care about the enviorment{my best friend was a bird so.....this is where we are.}

    @fvv: Plese tell me you're JOKING. Hippies are people who care about the ENVIORMENT. Not people who smoke{bad for you, others, animals, and our atmosphere.} So quit it with whatever that word you used meant.

    • my opinion, ppl who wear animal fur are nasty >:( poor animals...

    • if its fake fur it's acceptable though

  • 89 percent. Yeah, that's about right. I'm vegan, have never owned a car, recycle everything, and wear a lot of tie dye and birkenstocks. I love the beatles, only eat produce that's from the farmers market. And I am incredibly happy.

  • You are 69% hippie.

    You have a wide-open mind and you have gone to the hippie toolbox, taken what you needed from it, and built your own beautiful life. You defy stereotypes. Perfect score."

    gues s I can drop my self improvement classes

    Brothers and sisters who call themselves hippies

    It's time to remember
    we have accomplished nothing

    the battle rages and things are worse then ever

    no more silence
    speak out

  • A big fat ZERO! HELL YEAH! In the words of the awesome Jeremy Clarkson: "I am aware of the enviorment; I just don' care." And no,I do not believe in global warming. And hippies are usually gay anyway,and I am totally straight.

    Totally ZR1
  • I got 81% Thats fine by me, it just shows i look after my body and everything else on the planet. The higher the score the better in my opinion. Organic food tastes so much better then stuff that is full of junk, also it make your body feel better too =)

  • Fifty four percent hippie, sounds like me sense I am the type that likes to keep to themselves,loves nature, recycles often,loves animals and am vegetarian but besides that I'm not a hippie then. Like I don't like the style or music much as a example. Cool quiz mate though.

  • You are 39% hippie.

    You're in the middle, leaning towards the non-hippie side of things, but you're not afraid to try out some hippie philosophies. Good going! An open mind is all a person really needs to lead a happy life.


  • 27% hmmm, lessee; shop at walmart, drive a pick-up, work at an auto parts factory, drink PBR in a can, live at the back of the holler, and if you tear up my gravel drive looking for f^*(#@ng cell phone signal, you'll get my shotgun up your a##! does that sound 27% hippie to you?

  • You are 75% hippie. 75%

    You have a wide-open mind and you have gone to the hippie toolbox, taken what you needed from it, and built your own beautiful life. You defy stereotypes. Perfect score.

    Yay thats great!!!! Also E you seem awesome, great quiz! Loved it.

  • @ TaliaBeth1234 Has anyone heard of faux

    and also I have nothing against "hippies" but meat tastes good, all you have to do is focus on food and I will eat vegan once I find something that i'll like. Also politics mean nothing to me.

  • I got 72%. Doesn't really surprise me... I like psychedelic music, play guitar, used to smoke a lot of weed and take acid...

    But now drive a normal car, live in a house in the 'burbs and have a "straight" job.

    Another 18% life change required, I think... ;)

  • i totally agree with reejean. hippies have nothing to do with "organic" food. it is simply a way of life, used to promote peace, love and all good things in life. and any true hippie would not push their way on to other people, so just learn to life with them. they arent hurting you.

  • 66%! I was just curious since I'm an anti-war Pantheist Kind of person... Also pls add the option for "I'd take drugs but I can't get access to them" and other genders than "male" and "female", for the trans community.

  • 34%, I put other on job, when I work at a military base, I put shared living arrangment as my home when I live in a barracks. I think my number is artificially raised.

  • also if anyone knows good vegan food plzzz tell me i also don't like thinking of poor animals being eaten, plus i have a mini house pig named penny!!!

  • I don't smoke. I am spiritual I love skateboard and roller bases I like bicycles and I love animal companions.

  • Could the question in itself be that a stereotype is only believed to people with a closed mind?...saying that, I've just taken this quiz. :)

  • 67%, which is about right; i do care very deeply about our planet, and conventional thinkers piss me off, but other than that i don't quite fit the stereotype

  • I am 43% hippie. So I am leaning to not a hippie, but am not afraid to try some hippie philosophies. Er something like that

  • 0%, and NO, I don't believe in global warming. I enjoy eating and wearing dead animals, too.

  • Whatever Dude! Hippie Love always! I am a free spirit and love what it's all about! Peace Love &I Rock n Roll!

  • 0% hippie...Well, it is true, I am really very conservative and I hate hippies.


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