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  • Milk trivial quiz
    [published: Dec 24, 2022, 4 comments]

    Have you ever wondered how much you know about the creamy drink milk? Well now you can test your knowledge on……

  • Picky or non picky eater?
    [published: Sep 26, 2022, 27 comments]

    Do you ever feel intense distress if you can't have the certain foods you like? Feel like you only……

  • Invader Zim character trivia
    [published: Sep 01, 2022]

    Wanna know and test out your skills and knowledge on invader Zim and it's unique absurd characters?……

  • Cat anatomy quiz
    [published: Aug 21, 2022, 6 comments]

    Ever want to test ur cat knowledge well come here and test ur skills on the feline companions. This is to test……

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    "I feel like everything would be open during the night instead of me daytime then,maybe humans vision would become more strong to due to bein..."
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  • "I honestly feel like it would also be cool if u could make ur own oc characters in the game kinda like how they have mii characters but with..."
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  • One word story
  • One word story
  • "Witty Zim from Invader zim can usually be quite the mischievous little invader exspecially when humans are in his way of his mission."
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  • One word story
  • never have i ever
    "Never have I ever went on a capsule water slide,it is on my bucket list though sense I adore going to waterparks along with swimming as much..."
  • "I really think Eevee would be cool as a playable character in the game exspecially if u could evolve Eevee into any of the evolution forms o..."
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    "I feel like if YouTube just all of a sudden disappeared then the internet would eventually stop existing sense most videos about entertainme..."

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