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Have you ever wondered how much you know about the creamy drink milk? Well now you can test your knowledge on it based off of this quiz. Good luck! If you do good on the quiz, the cows will be dancing in the barns.

And I'll do seriousness though this 15 question quiz will see how much you know about the drink along with some of its other information about the creamy liquid.

Created by: Zimswife
  1. What year was milk discovered in?
  2. What is the first to living thing that produced milk?
  3. How long on average does milk stay good for after the expiration date?
  4. Where was flavored milk first made at?
  5. Can milk benefit health mentally for people?
  6. Can milk benefit health physically for people?
  7. Can milk come from non-living organisms?
  8. What type of milk is the healthiest?
  9. What type of milk has the most fat content?
  10. Can some animals consume milk?
  11. Where is milk located in the food pyramid?
  12. How much protein is in 2% milk?
  13. Can cats drink regular milk?
  14. How many ounces is in a serving of milk usually?
  15. Which of these brands makes flavoring for milk?

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