World History & Geography 1

This quiz was basically made for my own benefit only, but if you would like to test your knowledge on any World History and Geography trivia, feel free to take the test and find out your results.

This test is based strictly on the testing I'm taking soon. Probably won't be much fun for you to take, but you can go ahead and try your luck. Anyways that's what I plan to do.

Created by: nana
  1. Which city is important to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?
  2. The movement patterns of early humans were mostly determined by --
  3. *Great sailors of the ancient world *Developed the alphabet *Established colonies in Spain & North Africa *Traded purple dye
  4. What shaped how early human societies lived their lives?
  5. Homo-sapiens migrated from ____ to ______, _____, _____.
  6. Which of the following did not develop during the Old Stone Age?
  7. On what river was China's river civilization located?
  8. Which of the following is an example of an archaeological site in England that was begun during the Neolithic times & completed in the Bronze Age?
  9. -dynasties led by pharaoh -rigid class system -hieroglyphics -located on Nile River
  10. -polytheistic -Hammurabi's written code of law -used specialization -development of city-states, kingdoms, empires
  11. Who introduced cuneiform?
  12. faced persecution for being monotheistic
  13. -alphabet -traded along Mediterranean
  14. introduced coins
  15. Who was the founder of the Hebrew religion?
  16. Who led the Hebrews in their flight from slavery in Egypt?
  17. -respect for elders -civil service examinations -ancestor worship
  18. -bureaucracy -zoroastrianism
  19. Aryans invaded India through which of these geographical connection?
  20. 2 most important bodies of water to Ancient Indian society...
  21. Whose missionaries crossed the Himalayas spreading Buddhism into China & other parts of Asia.
  22. Who was the founder of Taoism
  23. Ruled under 'Mandate of Heaven'
  24. Connected trade with China and Rome
  25. What is the evolution of government in Athens?
  26. Sparta's government---
  27. -United Athens and Sparta against Persia -Athens won at Marathon & Salamis -Greeks control the Aegean
  28. -Athens & Sparta fight for control of the Greek world -Sparta won leading to the decline of Greece
  29. -The time that he led Athens is called the Golden Age of ____ -he expanded democracy & rebuilt Athens after the Persian Wars -the most famous building is the Parthenon
  30. -established an empire from Greece to Egypt & then to the Indus River (India) -spread of Hellenistic culture
  31. Hannibal: invaded from the north & won at Cannae... ultimately Rome won amd took control of the Med. Sea.
  32. Julius Caesar, Augustus, Marc Anthony--
  33. inflation, moral decay, lack of leadership, undisciplined army, Germanic invasions
  34. Diocletian's idea, walled city, building projects, crossroads of trade, Constantine (Christianity & establishment of Constantinople as the capital city). Justinian - code of law... Contributions: art, architecture, icons, mosaics, Hagia Sophia (domed church), Greco-Roman ideas flourish, Greek Orthodox Church.
  35. -roots in Judaism, led by Jesus (proclaimed the Messiah), conflict with polytheism, monotheism, New Testament, spread by the Apostles, including Paul throughout the Roman Empire, adopted & legalized by the Emperor Constantine. Loyalty to the Church more important than loyalty to the emperor so... add to it the changes in morality... Christianity becomes 1 of the causes of the Decline of the Roman Empire
  36. Muhammad (the Prophet), Mecca & Medina (early cities = holy cities), rapid spread across Asia Minor, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, & Spain, monotheistic, Quran (holy book), Five Pillars of Islam, spread through trade routes, Sunni & Shi'a Contributions: architecture (Dome of the Rock), mosaics, Arabic alphabet, Arabic numerals, Algebra
  37. Mesoamerica, Tenochtitlan, polytheistic, pyramids
  38. Mesoamerica, Tenochtitlan, polytheistic, pyramids

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