South Carolina History

South Carolina has a lot of fascinating history and geography. I am a transplant, but have raised my children here for 24 years and have learned much, which I now impart to my third graders.

Are you a Palmetto citizen? How much do you know about your state? Are you now far away and longing to see "those white sandy beaches and Carolina peaches?" Try your luck and see how much you truly know about the Palmetto State's history.

Created by: Bev Hildreth
  1. Which country did NOT explore what is now South Carolina?
  2. Which of the following is NOT a Revolutionary War hero from South Carolina?
  3. What town lost by one vote to Columbia when the capital was moved from Charleston?
  4. What military academy was to be located in South Carolina, but lost by one vote to a northern state?
  5. Where did Lord Cornwallis camp his British troops for a year during the Revolutionary War?
  6. What woman perfected the growing of indigo, used to dye cloth?
  7. What crop was NOT grown in South Carolina?
  8. Which Native American tribe did NOT live in South Carolina?
  9. Which of these is NOT a river in South Carolina?
  10. Which pirate did NOT frequent the coast of South Carolina?
  11. Which location did plantation owners visit to get away from the summer heat?
  12. What natural disaster has South Carolina NOT experienced?
  13. Which of the following is NOT a state symbol?
  14. Which of the following is NOT a region of South Carolina?
  15. What musical entertainer is NOT from South Carolina?
  16. Which city was virtually destroyed by Sherman during the Civil War?
  17. Which does NOT apply to South Carolina?
  18. Which was NOT an Air Force base in South Carolina?
  19. Which was NOT a governor of South Carolina?
  20. What South Carolina architect designed many famous buildings in Washington, DC?
  21. Which university is NOT in South Carolina?
  22. Which large lake is NOT man-made
  23. Which Interstate does not enter South Carolina?
  24. Which is NOT a state park?
  25. Which poisonous snake is NOT found in South Carolina?

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