How South Carolina are you?

How well do you know South Carolina? Do you think you are an expert? Have you lived here all your life, or did you only visit? Maybe you were just passing through. Test yourself, and see how well you fit into the life of a true southerner!

Do you have what it takes to be a South Carolina genius? Go on, you know you want to take the quiz, go on, I know you can do it!!! This quiz will show you what it takes to be in the know, in the south...........oh by the way, have a mint julip to sip on while you partake of the test!

Created by: Lee

  1. What is the state tree of South Carolina?
  2. What is the state capitol of South Carolina?
  3. What is one of the top agricultural crops of South Carolina?
  4. Whatg is the largest county, by population?
  5. Where were the first shots of the Civil War fired?
  6. Columbia is the boyhood home of what president?
  7. The 1920's dance craze, the __________, originated in Columbia
  8. South Carolina is the nation's largest producer of _______ for the fresh market
  9. There are more than _____ public and private golf courses in South Carolina
  10. Which person is not a famous South Carolinian?
  11. What color is the state flag?

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Quiz topic: How South Carolina am I?