How South Carolina are you?

South Carolina is a friendly place, rich in history, both good and bad.Many people who live in South Carolina are transplants, those who live here now, but were born somewhere else.

There are never any right or wrong answers. This quiz is not made to be offensive in any way. This quiz will separate the locals and the tourons looking for some warm weather.

Created by: Liz
  1. How do you like your tea?
  2. What's a good weekend for you?
  3. What were/are your favorite school activities?
  4. What's your favorite team?
  5. Is it legal to beat your wife?
  6. How do you feel about firearms?
  7. Where do you spend your vacation?
  8. Where do you buy your groceries at?
  9. Soda, pop, or coke?
  10. Where is South of the Border?

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Quiz topic: How South Carolina am I?