South Carolina Quiz

Do you live in South Carolina? Have you visited there? How much do you know about the culture, the history, or the tourism industry of the eighth state? Do you know that South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union before the Civil War? Have you seen the Lake Murray Dam or the Edisto Memorial Gardens? Have you played a round of golf or seen a show at Myrtle Beach? Have you attended a Riverdogs game? Do you know where the state's only remaining covered bridge is?

Well, these questions are not on this quiz, but lots of others are! Give it a try! How well do you know the great state of South Carolina? How many peaches do you deserve?

Created by: Kathy of Kathy's Myspace
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  1. What zoo boasts over 2000 animals and no bars or cages?
  2. Which is located on South Carolina's 60-mile Grand Strand?
  3. Where were the first shots of the Civil War fired on April 12, 1861?
  4. Which is not on the South Carolina state quarter?
  5. Who was the first U.S. senator ever elected by a write-in vote?
  6. Which does not border South Carolina?
  7. Where does Nessie's cousin Messie live?
  8. What are the Gamecock colors?
  9. Hold up the glories of thy dead; Say how thy elder children bled, And point to Eutaw's battle-_____, Carolina! Carolina!
  10. Which movie was not filmed in South Carolina?
  11. What island is foot-shaped and its sections referred to as toe, instep, heel and ankle?
  12. What tourist stop features a sombrero-topped observation tower, amusement rides, miniature golf, souvenir shops, and Pedro the mascot?
  13. What stew do you get when you mix smoked beef sausage, corn-on-the-cob, crab, shrimp, and seafood seasoning, served on newspaper?
  14. Which of these annual South Carolina Festivals is held in Salley the Saturday before Thanksgiving?
  15. Which was not born in South Carolina?
  16. Who violently crashed into South Carolina on Sept. 21, 1989?
  17. What is South Carolina's largest county?
  18. Where is SC's egg-shaped NASCAR track?
  19. Lake Murray's bomb Island is the largest roost in the country for which of these?
  20. Which of the following is not from South Carolina?
  21. Dum spiro spero
  22. Which is Clemson University's mascot?
  23. Which is not located in South Carolina?
  24. Where is the largest Gingko farm in the world?
  25. If you stop for a curbside lunch at the 1946 Beacon Drive-In Restaurant, where are you?
  26. Which is South Carolina's highest point at 3,560 ft.?
  27. Mark Sanford
  28. Which is South Carolina's largest city?
  29. Which is the correct SC pronuniciation of Beaufort?
  30. Which dance is thought to have originated in Myrtle Beach?
  31. Where is the peach-shaped water tank?
  32. What commodity is centered in the Camden / Aiken area?
  33. Where was the state's first permanent European settlement established in 1670?
  34. For whom was SC named?
  35. Which is not a SC claim?
  36. Who is the Catawba Indian immortalized as a life-sized weather vane overlooking Camden?
  37. Where should one go to hunt ghosts?
  38. South Carolina is second only to California in the number of _____ it grows.
  39. Which interstate is not accessible in Columbia?
  40. Which armed service branch has boot camp at Parris Island?

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