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Welcome to what is apparently the only free-to-use online Five Temperaments test! Five temperaments is a theory in psychology, which expands upon the Four Temperaments proposed in ancient medical theory.

The discovery of a fifth temperament came about with the creation of moderate scales. Experts found in the low expressive, high responsive area an all-new fifth temperament (Supine, also known as Leukine or Eclectic), while Phlegmatic became deemed as the moderate in all scales, take it or leave it temperament.

Created by: Ezekiel
  1. I'm very shy and bashful, often having only a few or no friends.
  2. People often see me as a dominating individual.
  3. I manipulate others into taking care of me.
  4. I'm very complacent, having smug and uncritical satisfaction with myself and my achievements.
  5. How emotionally close am I to others...
  6. I'm nonchalant, stoic, and emotionless, having a poker face (blank expression) with half-closed eyes and speaking in a deadpan and monotone voice.
  7. I have a low self-image, often feeling powerless, anxious, and vulnerable, tending to believe I am at the mercy of others, and that other people are superior to me.
  8. I can be a domineering people-user, using people as tools, and I love to have total control over not only myself but all other people, any situation, and my entire surrounding.
  9. I make friends cautiously, and I am skeptical of compliments.
  10. I am very self-centred.
  11. I am bubbly, cheerful, gregarious, sociable, enthusiastic, and "the life of the party", with a charming, happy, sunny disposition.
  12. I have little ability to express my needs, often waiting for others to read my mind.
  13. I’m confident and decisive.
  14. Only sleep can regenerate my low energy reserve, and even that is often ineffective.
  15. I am very talkative, and can be quite the chatterbox.
  16. I enjoy serving others.
  17. I tend to be a neutral, uninvolved observer, just shrugging and looking at everything going on around me with an indifferent blank stare, rather than actually being a participant. Instead, I sit back watching everyone else busy doing things wrongly, and looking at all of the things in the world that need to be changed.
  18. I have a very dry humour, and I can be sarcastic and teasing.
  19. I love being popular and taking centre stage.
  20. I'm perfectionistic and conscientious.
  21. I...
  22. Withdrawn and remote, I'm content to stay in the background.
  23. My attitude on leadership is...
  24. I am highly critical of others.
  25. I can be cruel, abusive, antagonistic, unforgiving, and vengeful.
  26. I am very colourful, creative, musical, appreciative of beauty, and artistic.
  27. I have a very great fear of rejection.
  28. I am intensely loyal.
  29. I am easily distracted, apt to procrastination.
  30. I have many friends.
  31. I'm calm, cool, and collected; also very peaceful, patient, low-key, relaxed, composed, unflappable, above the fray, and level-headed.
  32. I'm sympathetic, caring, solicitous, and kind to others.
  33. I believe the end justifies the means.
  34. I'm self-righteous, always believing I'm right.
  35. I do not want the actual responsibility of making decisions, so I'm dependent on others to make them.
  36. I'm a devil's advocate, checking out everything you tell me with someone else.
  37. I’m very sensitive, emotional, gloomy, easily offended, unhappy, depressed, and prone to negative emotions.
  38. I tend to exaggerate my own success.
  39. I am very curious, wide-eyed, and innocent.
  40. I am very dependable.
  41. I never want to grow up.
  42. I am a very good mediator, arbitrator, peacemaker, negotiator, diplomat, and administrator.
  43. Who's in or out of my relationship...
  44. I'm deep, serious, and thoughtful.
  45. I act like I don't have a need for friends, social contact, and relationships, but that can't be further from the truth.
  46. I can be impulsive, undisciplined, and impetuous.
  47. My personal attitude about myself and other people is that...
  48. I have no driving need and no self-motivation, so I tend to be stubborn, lazy, careless, and often noncommittal to plans.
  49. I am casual, passive, easygoing, and happily reconciled to life; I just love to chill out.
  50. I'm a know-it-all who has little tolerance for mistakes, being a no-nonsense person, I'm also very easily annoyed; quick to anger, I often snap without warning.
  51. I enjoy arguments and controversy, but I never listen to the advice of anyone else during these conflicts (because I'm always better than everyone else at everything, so other people's opinions are inferior to my own).
  52. I'm analytical, orderly, organized, neat, and tidy.
  53. I am very philosophical, poetic, and idealistic, but also often off in another world.
  54. I can be very bossy, demanding, and hotheaded, with a hair-trigger temper.
  55. I'm easy to get along with, and nothing ruffles my feathers.
  56. I tend to be very detail-oriented.
  57. I am absolutely restless and full of energy.
  58. I am motivated by...
  59. I can be very mischievous.
  60. I'm very unassuming and I genuinely like people.

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