Socialism or Capitalism

This quiz is to help tell you if you lean more toward socialism as an economic theory or capitalism as an economic theory. The statements are designed to gain an insight into your actual beliefs.

This quiz does not care whether you think you are a socialist or a capitalist. It instead wants to know what you actually believe about the economy to make a determination as to which theory you agree with more.

Created by: Williams

  1. The economy should be based on "laissez faire" principles (Free Market)
  2. Corporations should have the same rights as a person
  3. Lower taxes on the rich increase economic prosperity
  4. Those with more money should have greater influence/power
  5. A person's wealth has more to do with who their parents are than with their hard work
  6. Labor unions are necessary to protect workers' rights
  7. The government should ensure men and women are paid the same
  8. Political donations are free speech
  9. The means of production (factories, businesses and farmland) should be privately owned
  10. Society should be divided into social classes
  11. Someone gets wealthy through hard work
  12. Progress results when a community cooperates for the good of all
  13. All property should be publicly owned, making people equal
  14. Everyone in society should be taken care of, regardless of their ability to take care of themselves
  15. The government should not regulate business
  16. Regulations are hurting the U.S. economy
  17. The rich should pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes
  18. If there is a market for a product, business should be able to profit from it, regardless of what it is
  19. The economy should be based on the principle of supply and demand
  20. A person should be paid based on the work that they do
  21. Government regulation helps protect the environment and citizens
  22. Employers should have more power than employees in determining wages, pay and working conditions
  23. There should be a minimum wage
  24. Education, healthcare, roads, clean water, police and fire departments and hospitals should NOT be for private profit
  25. A persons pay is a reflection of their value to the economy
  26. Without regulation businesses will harm society
  27. The wealthy should pay more in taxes than the poor
  28. There should be competition between businesses
  29. The minimum wage hurts the economy
  30. In general U.S. corporations are over regulated
  31. Progress occurs when individuals follow their own self-interest
  32. A job is a contract between two individuals, and the government has NO role in deciding factors like pay and work hours
  33. Social Security should be removed from the government and invested in the stock market

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