What kind of Socialist Are You?

What kind of leftist are you? A libertarian-socialist, some kind of marxist, or a liberal who doesn't know what socialism is? Maybe you haven't gotten around to reading any political theory..

but you should, the revolution will need educated workers, maybe this quiz will be a jumping off point to understanding your beliefs. Maybe it's all for fun. Maybe you wont read this at all, either way I have to put at least 300 words here or it wont let me publish this.

Created by: STR
  1. Capitalism is inherently exploitative and must be overthrown.
  2. What was Holodomor?
  3. Is a vanguard party (a smaller party consisting of the most class-conscious workers) and the communist party at the lead necessary for a worker's state
  4. How should the economy be managed, at least in the initial stages of socialism.
  5. Land?
  6. What is the vehicle for the revolution
  7. What was one of the main changes to the soviet union during the leadership of Joseph Stalin
  8. In the colonial and semi-colonial countries, the proletariat can ally with the national-bourgeoisie temporarily against imperialist forces
  9. The world can, essentially be divided into the following cateoories: (pretend it's the 70's)The First World, consisting of the US and USSR who are the primary contributors to imperialism and social-imperialism, respectively.The Second World, consisting of other countries which engage in or benefit from imperialism.The Third World, consisting of colonial, semi-colonial, and semi-feudal states as in South America, Africa, and Asia.
  10. Bernie Sanders

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Quiz topic: What kind of Socialist am I?