Economic Quiz from a Marxist Leninist Point of View

This is from a Marxist Leninist perspective. Liberals who take this quiz may learn something about themselves. This quiz is not being used to push hate toward any group except Fascists and Imperialists.

I hope you enjoy. Give me feedback for me to add new questions. This will be updated reguraly. Possible results, from far Left to Far Right include: Marxism Leninism/Communism, Socialism, State Capitalism, Welfare Statism, Regulated Capitalism, Free Market Capitalism, Imperialism/Neo liberalism, and Fascism and Anarchism.

Created by: ChrisCommie69
  1. What kind of economy do you support?
  2. Who should control the dictatorship?
  3. Should a Vanguard Party (a single Communist Party) led the Workers to Revolution?
  4. Overthrow Capitalism or Reform Capitalism
  5. A war against a Fascist country (Fascism as defined by Marxist Leninism) is the only justifiable war.
  6. How much of the economy should be nationalized (taken under government ownership)?
  7. Should the private sector be abolished?
  8. Should money be abolished?
  9. What should we do with the Second Amendment?
  10. Should free speech exist
  11. Unions?

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