Are You Economically Socialist OR Capitalist?

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Communism/Marxist-Socialism Is An Idea Based Of Karl Marx Which Order Society By Class And Normally (Exceptions Like Traditionalist Communism) Indicates Revolutionary Acts. Communism Indicates For Full State Control Over The Means Of Production In Which All Private Property Is Collectivized.

Laissez Faire-Capitalism Is An Idea Based Of Jean-Baptiste Colbert Which Indicates For No State (Not Civic) In Which Private Businesses Have No Regulations Because There Is No State. Normally Laissez Faire-Capitalists (Exceptions Like Progressive Laissez Faire Capitalism) Indicates Reactionary Acts.

Created by: AutherComrade
  1. The State Should Be Abolished
  2. There Should Be Some Welfare To Ensure National Equal Wealth
  3. The Rich Must Pay More Percentage Of Their Income To Taxes To Ensure Public Healthcare And Education
  4. Workers Should Own Their Work Place
  5. Co-Operations Are Better Than Traditional Business
  6. Land Should Not Be Taxed
  7. All Public Programs Should Be Abolished And Replaced With Private Programs
  8. The Minimum Wage Should Be Abolished
  9. Controlling Unemployment Is More Important Than Controlling Inflation
  10. Taxation Is Theft

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Quiz topic: Am I Economically Socialist OR Capitalist?